Neiro Collection by Gorilla Wear: What Inspired Us?

Since the launch of our highly demanded Neiro Collection at Gorilla Wear Canada, we have been asked by many of you about what inspired us to create this apparel style in the first place. Well, let us tell you.

As we get into the new year groove, there can be many things we hope to cross off our resolutions list. From eating right to getting back to the gym, we may find ourselves without the correct attire to make things happen. That is why it is so important to find yourself some high-quality, comfortable gear that can withstand the active lifestyle you plan on leading this year.

Our goal was to deliver a beautiful range of options for beginner or experienced athletes to help them get back into their athletic rhythm. But to do this, we first needed to understand what it is that individuals are looking for.

Comfort for All

We found that the top quality that athletes look for in their apparel is, of course, comfort. Through careful examination and evaluation, we aimed to construct our new collection with a seamless, flexible fit. A shape and feel that made any kind of workout incredibly easy with plenty of room for your body to breathe. The result? The Neiro collection was born.

Stretchy but Stable

We knew that we wanted the Neiro collection to work for a number of fitness activities. From Yoga to HIIT training to running miles, it was our goal to create a line of gear that worked effortlessly for all. Our Neiro collection is compiled of the Seamless Bra, Seamless T-Shirt, and Seamless Leggings. Each of which are designed to deliver maximum flexibility for any kind of workout, while still maintaining their shape and strength. This achievement was a true point of success for Gorilla Wear Canada.  

Looks as Good as it Feels

Of course, who doesn’t want to look and feel good in their fitness apparel? A priority of the Neiro collection design was to ensure athletes of all kinds could run, jump, sweat, and burn muscle while looking flawless! With our seamless technology and bold colour options to choose from, our team feel we have nailed the combination of look and feel for our Neiro collection.

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