Barry Reppnack

I am a 52 yr old competitive bodybuilder. I recently won the middleweight open class and the masters 50 plus class at the  Cbbf Canadian Nationals this past August. Weight training is a huge part of my life.i love that you can go into any gym anywhere in the world and have a common bond regardless of race or religion. I want to thank gorilla wear for considering me as a brand ambassador. I’ve worn Gorilla Wear Gears in the past and was always more than satisfied.


Joshua Atsriku

I began my journey into bodybuilding in high school in Sarnia, Ontario when I was just 15 after my gym teacher inspired me to start lifting weights after he noticed that I had a nice natural physique and talent for the sport. Bodybuilding to me is not just a hobby or way to blow off steam, it is a life-long passion and lifestyle that has taught me to become more disciplined, hard-working, and live a healthy and positive lifestyle in both terms of physical and mental health. However, it was not until 2007 that I began competing as an amateur bodybuilder. Since then I have won several national Canadian bodybuilding competitions in the Welterweight division in 2017 and most recently in October 2019 at the Canadian National Pro Qualifiers in Toronto. In 2020 my goal is to become a professional IFBB bodybuilder and compete in the 212 division. I am extremely honoured and humbled to be part of the Gorilla Wear Canada family and believe that it’s just the beginning of a very fruitful partnership.

Averi Heath

I started Bodybuilding in 2014 as something to do in my spare time while working away from home and then it became apart of my life. Bodybuilding has changed my outlook on life and transformed me into a positive and in control person. I have always loved the classic physiques from the golden era and when the NPC announced the creation of the classic physique I knew that was my calling and ever since then I have poured my blood sweat and tears into moulding my physique into the classic physique. Progress and discipline equal freedom, words I live by and words I believe will take me to all the places I set as goals. I am extremely honoured to be part of the Gorilla Wear family and look to everything I can bring to the table in all my upcoming competitions.

Seb Kamel

My name is Seb Kamel, I’m a personal trainer and bodybuilder from Montreal, Canada.

In September 2019, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition at the Montreal Summum Classic taking 1st place in the Super-Heavyweight division. I plan on stepping on stage again for the Canadian National Pro Qualifier in 2020. The sport of bodybuilding and everything it entails, from the discipline to work ethic inside and out the gym completely changed my life around for the better. I am dedicated and proud to pursue this mission alongside a company like Gorilla Wear, who represents both my core values and the ones of bodybuilding.


Leign Ann Smith

NPAA PRO x2- IDFA PRO Athlete-Fitness competitor – Nurse – Real-estate investor – MOM

My fitness lifestyle includes living a mindful, adventurous life. Through weight training, fitness competitions yoga, meditation and
personal/spiritual development. My passion is inspiring others through fitness to find their inner strength and make positive changes in their
lives. I first developed a passion for fitness about 9 years ago when I was going through a bad marriage, living in another province with no family, friends and little support. I soon found the gym to be my sanctuary. Giving me booth inner and outer strength Loving every aspect of the fitness lifestyle, from the support I received from the fitness community, the inner strength I received from overcoming my own self-limiting believes. Which led me to make the changes needed to make the changes needed too make a better life for me and my son. The gym also fixed my broken self-esteem and made me have the strength mentally and physically accomplish so many goals. Such as finishing my grade 12, honours in nursing, competing and receiving my NPAA
PRo cardx2 , IDFA Pro card. Buying investment properties and flipping houses. I can say I honestly it all started in the gym( my church). It helped me establish the foundation to create my dreams. On to the Arnolds, next 2020 stay tuned to the next fitness adventure.
Strength, community, wellness all starts in the gym Leigh-Ann Smith

Angelo Portillo

My names Angelo I’m an amateur bodybuilder in Ottawa. I’ve currently competed in 3 contests including 1st place placings in men’s MW bodybuilding (2019) LMW bodybuilding (2016). As well as being a personal trainer and online coach!

Tommy Carnell

My name is Tommy Carnell, I’m a Correctional Officer in BC. I’ve been weightlifting for about 7 years now and I’ve competed in 5 bodybuilding shows. While growing up I’ve always been passionate about keeping fit and pushing my limits, which led me to compete in my first show at the age of 24. Since then, I’ve competed in Halifax NS twice, Moncton NB, Toronto ON, and Kelowna BC. I’m honoured to be part of the Gorilla Wear team and I’m excited to have them in my corner for my upcoming competitions. Next bodybuilding competition will be the 2020 WESTCOAST IRON VAN CITY NATURAL SHOWDOWN on October 10th