Become An Athlete

Gorilla Wear Canada leads the way for athletic apparel choices that are designed for the everyday athlete, the go-getter, the flexible, and the strong. We strive to cater to all kinds of sport and fitness activities with dependable, breathable, and refined athletic wear. Whether you love yoga or consider combat sports your thing, we have something for everyone at Gorilla Wear Canada.

Stretch, run, leap, dance, and even fight in our impressive line of active wear for both men and women. With advanced breathing technology and stretch-tested fabric, our apparel is built to withstand the toughest workouts. Choosing Gorilla Wear means you choose strength, endurance, and determination not only in your workout, but in your athletic wear, too.

We know that your training, in whatever sport you love, takes sweat, stamina, and – at times – tears. Our athletic wear is made to support you in those intense training sessions, hot-yoga mornings, and tournament weekends. Whatever your sport of choice is, Gorilla Wear is there for you.

Interested in becoming an Athlete for Gorilla Wear Canada? As a dedicated, motivated, and creative supplier of athletic apparel for athletes across Canada, find out why Gorilla Wear is the perfect match for you. We strive to deliver our athletes with the best solutions for their specific activity needs. Whether it is simply accessories or a full tracksuit you require, Gorilla Wear Canada is committed to delivering on the best choices for each individual athlete we work with.

To find out more, simply fill out our form below and tell us why you should be a Gorilla Wear Athlete. One of our team members will get back to you with the next steps of our Gorilla Wear Canada Athlete process. Good luck!