Workout Clothes Canada!

Welcome to the Gorillawear, your leader in forever bold, never forgettable Athletic Wear Canada. Gorilla Wear has proudly dressed athletes in the best activewear and gear for over 40 years. We strive to provide Canadians with comfortable, breathable, and durable workout clothes that can withstand even the toughest athletes in town. If you are looking for best place for women’s workout, or workout clothes for men, Gorilla Wear is committed to becoming #1 high quality fitness apparel brand.

We are built for the motivated, the fearless, the committed and driven athletes of Canada. Our gear won’t break down, won’t hurt you, and definitely won’t look out of place. Choosing Gorilla Wear means you choose strength, endurance, and determination not only in your workout, but in your athletic wear, too.

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Athletic Wear Canada

Whether you are stretching in a yoga studio or going hard in the boxing ring, Gorilla Wear Canada has a massive selection of premium workout clothes to choose from. Every single style we create is designed for motivated and demanding athletes. No matter who you are, our job at Gorilla Wear Canada is to deliver you the comfort and flexibility necessary for intense workouts and movement during training. We will stop at nothing to ensure you find what you’re looking for at Gorilla Wear Canada. Choose from our wide selection of tank tops, sweatpants, hoodies, and accessories, and boost your athletic apparel to the next level. Our clothing is unique and available for both men and women. We work hard to deliver the best quality in athletic wear for all sizes.